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Verser Theatre

Verser Theatre serves as the primary performance space for the theatre department. It is used for dramatic theatre productions, theatre coffeehouses and functions as well as classes. Verser Theatre is a 200-seat modified proscenium thrust stage 36′ X 18′ with computerized lighting and sound system.


Is He Dead 146    Verser Theater

Verser Theater    Verser Theater

Jones Performing Arts Center



The Harvey and Bernice Jones Performing Arts Center consists of a 1,500-seat auditorium, makeup rooms, prop storage and construction rooms, faculty offices, and a ticket office. The facility contains a 54′ X 28′ proscenium stage, an orchestra pit, fly and rigging systems, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. Jones Performing Arts Center hosts a full-scale opera in the fall and a musical every spring.

Shop Spaces

The scene shop is fully equipped with stationary tools, a variety of hand tools as well as a paint area. The costume shop has sewing machines, cutting tables and work areas.

Make Up and Dressing Rooms

The makeup room has seating for 20 actors each with separate male and female dressing rooms with restroom stalls, and showers.

Verser Theater

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