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B.A. Physics/Math Education

PThe fallacy that people often recite is that “those who can’t, teach”. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. People who decide to teach choose to make a difference in the lives of individuals, an impact that lasts a lifetime. Teachers get incredible joy in seeing the difference they make as students gain new insights, become more interested in a subject and learn about themselves. Every day, teachers mold the future through impacting their students’ views and understandings. Teachers foster creativity, develop character, give students lenses with which to view the world and provide students with the skills they need to reach their potential and lead productive lives.

Many individuals are attracted to teaching by a sense of service, because they want to make a clear, tangible difference in the lives of others. As a teacher, you see the fruits of your efforts everyday as you use your intelligence and creativity to help students become excited about and learn about the science in their lives. Some people know they want to be teachers from a young age and refer to teaching as a calling. Most teachers, however, start their undergraduate education with a different career in mind or with some confusion about what they want to do. It is often difficult to know whether or not a career is for you. Regardless of whether you know you want to teach, are unsure of teaching or think you want to teach for a few years before pursuing professional school, there are many benefits to getting your teaching license and gaining some teaching experience.

The need is critical for individuals who not only have the ability, but the passion to touch the lives of students through education. For over a decade now, Arkansas has had a shortage of math and physics teachers.

"A lot of the profession is older, the retirement rates are escalating at the same time that we're having difficulty finding new young people," Pulaski County Special School District Superintendent Dr. Jerry Guess explains. “We have sought retired people who might be willing to do a short time substitute job to fill those positions until we can find someone.”

OBU is currently one of the few Institutions in the State of Arkansas to offer a secondary Physics/Math Licensure degree specifically for future educators who desire to teach physics and mathematics only. Individuals who complete the Physics/Math licensure degree may also be eligible for financial incentives from schools as well as partial loan cancellation. Graduating with a Physics/Math degree nearly guarantees a job offer some somewhere within the state. But, our program is not just about producing just anyone to fill the teaching needs of the state. We endeavor to produce only teachers of quality and character who have a drive and passion for excellence. Great teachers will produce great students.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.
- Brad Henry (Former Governor of Oklahoma)

Our licensure program is a four-year degree that culminates with a student teaching experience. Along with the OBU CORE, students will focus their preparation in the areas of Physics, Mathematics and Education. This degree is designed to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the Arkansas Department of Education. Carefully selected courses in all three primary areas are used to give the prospective teacher a well-rounded background in order to be effective in teaching principles in those areas to students.

Being a teacher is more than just a profession, it is a calling – a call to invest your time and energy in the lives of those who may go on to become scientists, doctors and leaders in our world. Teaching is a challenging job that requires creativity, problem solving and clever management skills and is NOT for everyone. If you believe that you have a calling to touch the lives of today’s youth or desire to choose a career where you WILL make a difference through Physics and Math, we would love to talk with you further about this degree, its requirements and what to expect. You can contact us at [email protected].


Requirements for Admission to the Education Program

Eight Semester Course Checklist

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