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Mission Statement

The department seeks to provide the highest quality educational experience for all students. The department promotes student learning in an atmosphere that nurtures critical and creative thinking, an appreciation of the beauty and complexity of natural systems, the development of ethical codes in striving for moral excellence, the ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing, and an understanding of the importance of service and leadership.

The department provides undergraduate instruction in the biological sciences to students seeking admission to graduate and professional schools; to students majoring in other disciplines who desire insight into biological principles; to students seeking certification as public school teachers; and to general, liberal arts students. The department also seeks to serve students within the liberal arts tradition described in the University's mission statement.


Student Learning Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1. Students will gain a knowledge of the key areas within the field of Biology.

Objective - Students will develop a general background knowledge in the major fields of Biology beginning with General Biology – Zoology and General Biology – Botany.

Goal 2. Students will develop skills in analysis and critical thinking through experimentation.

Objective - All students seeking the B.S. degree will be required to propose and carryout a senior research project. This project is in addition to any smaller projects performed to meet the requirements of a given course.

Goal 3. Students will master basic laboratory skills.

Objectives - Students will be required to exhibit basic laboratory skills to include: dissection, aseptic technique, proper use of basic laboratory tools (pipet, autoclave, chemical fume hood, laminar flow hood, etc). Students will also be asked to work cooperatively with others.

Goal 4. Students must gain an understanding of the relationship between science and society, primarily as this relationship pertains to ethical issues.

Objectives - Students must develop both oral and written communication skills. Students will be asked to justify their proposed Senior Research Project. Students will be asked to provide both written and oral justification of their views and opinions on various ethical issues in science within the Senior Seminar course.

Next Steps