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Our Mission


We are a faith-focused learning community that prepares students for lives of meaningful work through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and purposeful student engagement with professors and professionals.


We aspire to be the destination of choice for students seeking to earn an undergraduate business degree in an AACSB accredited faith-focused learning community.

Values and Beliefs

Faith Matters: As a School of Business embedded within a faith-focused learning community, we affirm that our Christian faith demands excellence in all that we do. Colossians 3.23.
People Matter: Our primary stakeholders – students, faculty, donors, and employers – make us who we are. Our decisions are guided by what is in the best interest of our people.
Instruction Matters: Our primary purpose is to educate students with relevant, innovative, and engaging instruction that enables students to pursue lives of meaningful work.
Scholarship Matters: Research informs knowledge and enhances instruction. Faculty members are expected to pursue professional development and produce intellectual contributions.
Presence Matters: As a small and primarily residential school, we have unique opportunities to teach and mentor students inside and outside of the classroom. We commit to do so.

Student Learning Outcomes

The assurance of learning process in the Hickingbotham School of Business (HSB) focuses on the evaluation of five learning goals.

  1. Technology Skills
  2. Oral Communication Skills
  3. Understanding Ethical Behavior
  4. Core (General) Business knowledge
  5. Integration of Learning

Next Steps



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