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Registration Procedures

Students who have been officially admitted to the university may enter at the beginning of any regular session. Students should pre-register during the specified registration period, but only a student's official advisor may perform that function. Late registration is discouraged and is forbidden after the third day of classes. Students registering after the official Registration Day will pay a $20 fee for each day late, up to a total of $60. Students must complete initial registration for a regular semester by 5:00 PM on the third day of classes and may add a class until 5:00 PM on the sixth day of classes. Registration is not complete until the student has arranged payment of charges with the Student Financial Services.

Students may pre-register for courses during the specified pre-registration period or any time thereafter until Registration Day. Newly-admitted freshman complete pre-registration during one of the official Early Registration sessions (ER) prior to Registration Day. Transfer students may pre-register in the same manner as current students. Pre-registered students must confirm their class schedule on Registration Day to be registered officially. Credit will not be given in a course for which a student is not officially registered.


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