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Criminal Justice

If you want to prepare for a career in criminal justice, having access to a strong curriculum taught by dedicated, experienced instructors is an important start. But there are some things you can only learn with time spent in the field. That’s why Ouachita’s innovative criminal justice degree program offers both: coursework that responds to ongoing changes in the practices and philosophy of law enforcement in the United States, together with a rich, hands-on experience unique to Ouachita.

Police Officer


Forensic Scientist

Juvenile Court Clinician

Federal Law Enforcement

Information Security Officer

Victim Advocate

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Police and Society

Mental Health Issues in Law Enforcement

Juvenile Crime



Criminal Justice Internship and Practicum

View the Ouachita catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

This interdisciplinary degree program incorporates courses from across the social sciences. View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see a list of all courses included in this program.

Learn more about the W.H. Sutton School of Social Sciences and the Department of Sociology.



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Hour Criminal Justice Internship

In their words

hear from a faculty member

"I’m really excited at the possibilities Ouachita's criminal justice program brings to me in my preparation for law school. From real-world internships to a wide range of studies, I feel the program will fit the needs of other prospective lawyers, law enforcement or corrections officials."

Nathan Scolaro headshotNathan Scolaro
criminal justice major from Mount Pleasant, Texas

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Groundbreaking philosophy of law enforcement training

The criminal justice program at Ouachita is designed to prepare you for a life of meaningful work as a law enforcement professional who understands and insists upon the basic dignity to which all people are entitled. By situating a criminal justice degree within the Christian liberal arts tradition, we have the capacity to train law enforcement professionals in the image and with the ethos of Christ, and to send them into the world to do good.

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An innovative, multidimensional approach to learning

Ouachita’s degree track is distinctive among criminal justice degree programs in Arkansas. It offers a multidimensional approach that includes classes exploring the intersection of criminal justice, sociology, political science and psychology. Course work will also address mental health in law enforcement, preparing you for challenges particular to the field.

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Skilled faculty members who understand the field

You’ll learn from accomplished Ouachita faculty members as well as local officers, judges and other legal professionals working in the criminal justice system whose real-world experience will inform their classroom instruction. These adjunct faculty members understand the practical dimensions of day-to-day law enforcement, as well as the dynamics of interaction between criminal justice professionals and the communities they pledge to serve.


Hands-on preparation for a career

at any level of the criminal justice system

Ouachita’s criminal justice program offers opportunities for field experience through internship partnerships with local and state law enforcement agencies including the Arkadelphia Police Department, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office. For students interested in a career in uniformed law enforcement, a 6-hour practicum administered by campus police through Ouachita’s Office of Campus Safety and Emergency Management provides you with on-the-job training and licensure for part-time uniformed law enforcement employment upon completion. There’s also a non-practicum option for students interested in other professional pathways.

W.H. Sutton SCHOOL OF Social Sciences

The Sutton School of Social Sciences offers in-depth study in the fields of criminal justice, history, political science, psychology, public history, social justice studies and sociology. Our faculty encourage our students to become enlightened, engaged citizens who embrace an ethic of service to God and humanity.


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