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Our Mission

The Department of Sociology seeks to provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge basic in the sociological study of human behavior as part of their general liberal arts training leading to the B.A. degree. The department curriculum is structured to meet the academic and preprofessional needs of potential sociologist and teachers; to provide training in research methods, data analysis, and computer applications for those interested in pursuing a career in social research; and to begin to equip students for virtually any career (e.g. business, government, law, healthcare) insofar as such a career involves group settings.

Program learning objectives

  • Graduates understand major theoretical traditions in sociology and the metatheory underlying them.
  • Graduates apply these perspectives in critical and reflective ways to examine social institutions and social problems.
  • Graduates analyze and interpret statistical data.
  • Graduates think critically about issues of design, collection, and analysis in various types of sociological research.
  • Graduates articulate how sociological knowledge applies to or informs the practice of Christian faith, values, and principles.

Next Steps



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