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What is S-A-L?

S - A - L


Golden Lion Battalion seeks student candidates that embody “scholar, athlete, and leader” characteristics.  Army Officers are scholars from the beginning.  Possessing a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement to be commissioned as an officer.  Army Officers lead America’s sons and daughters into combat.  A higher level of physical fitness is required to lead America’s Soldiers.  The level of leadership required to face our adversaries on the battle field requires trust unlike any other profession.  Research has shown that individuals that possess S – A – L characteristics tend make confident, agile, and trustworthy leaders that our Soldiers need.

If you are a person that likes to be challenged, enjoys physical fitness, and puts others before yourself, you should check out OBU’s Army ROTC program.


  • Valedictorian/Salutatorian
  • Membership in National Honor Society
  • Honors or Advanced Placement Program graduate
  • GPA over 3.0 and SAT/ACT over 1100/24
  • Top 10% of class


  • Varsity Letter from HS team
  • Member of regional/city/competitive league
  • Either active involvement in organized competitive team sports or active involvement in individual athletic competitions (triathlon, mountain biking, running, martial arts, etc.)


  • Elected member of student government, class, or activity
  • Captain of athletic or academic team
  • Eagle Scout/Gold Star

Served in position of responsibility in school/club or private organization and leader in volunteer service organizations/activities

S – A – L criteria listed above are not required but preferred according Cadet Command Pamphlet 145-1.


A strong desire and will to successfully complete the Military Science program can overcome shortfalls in any of the above-listed attributes.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in weekly physical fitness and athletic activities throughout the school year. Students will prepare for and take an Army Physical Fitness test that evaluates ability to accomplish three exercise tasks:

-Push-ups (2 minute time limit)

-Sit-ups (2 minute time limit)

-Two-mile run (score based upon completion time)

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