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Jones Performing Arts Center

Jones Performing Arts Center, better known as JPAC, is Ouachita’s premier venue for hosting campus theatrical productions, concerts, recitals, variety shows and events throughout the year. The 1,488-seat proscenium theater is home to Ouachita Chapel, Tiger Tunes, A Festival of Christmas, Miss OBU, musical theatre productions and more!
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Jones Performing Arts Center is proud to be a part of the central Arkansas community. We hope you’ll consider our first-class facility for your events, and we are eager to serve you and your guests. In order for us to best meet your needs successfully and efficiently, please take a moment to submit a request so we can gather more information and get in touch to assist in planning your event.

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"The Jones Performing Arts Center is a beautiful, state-of-the-art performance venue on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University. With seating for nearly 1,500 students, this outstanding venue hosts numerous weekly events including Chapel, musical concerts, theatrical productions, guest speakers and Tiger Tunes. The venue also serves the larger community by hosting high school concerts and graduations, performing arts events, dance recitals and a number of summer camps including PraiseWorks, JoyWorks and Super Summer!"

Caroline Taylor headshotDr. Caroline Taylor
Dean, School of Performing Arts


Seating Chart – Jones Performing Arts Center

UPDATED: JAN. 23, 2007

JPAC seating chart

Technical Rider – Jones Performing Arts Center




Jones Performing Arts Center
Ouachita Baptist University
410 Ouachita St
OBU Box 3767
Arkadelphia, AR 71998

Technical Director/Production Manager
Nick Smith
[email protected] or [email protected]



  • JPAC is a 1488-seat proscenium theater
  • JPAC is not a union house. The student crew members are paid by Federal and OBU work study. Only JPAC crew are allowed to operate JPAC equipment.
  • JPAC reserves the right to use JPAC crew as department heads and in key technical positions where safety is a concern.



  • JPAC has a sprung, dance style stage with painted matte black masonite covering
  • Proscenium opening: 54ft wide by 26ft high
  • Grid height: 54ft
  • SL and SR Wing space: 22ft wide by 40ft deep
  • Plaster line to last US fly line: 31ft
  • Plaster line to apron front DS center: 10ft
  • Plaster line to apron front DS left and right: 4ft
  • Loading dock: Upstage left at stage level, 12ft high by 10ft wide sliding door
  • JPAC has a counterweight fly system with 26 single purchase lines. All lines fly and travel from stage right at stage level
  • Lock rail - Stage Right at stage level
  • Pin Rail - Stage Right at 35ft
  • Loading Rail - Stage Right at 50ft


CURTAINS: (see JPAC Line Set Schedule for locations and more information)

  • Traveling Grand Drape with fullness
  • Valance with fullness
  • 2 Traveling black velour curtains with fullness
  • 4 sets of black velour legs with fullness, with approx. 46’ opening
  • 3 black velour borders with fullness at approx. 20’ height



  • Allen & Heath dLive s5000
  • Allen & Heath DM48 MixRack
  • 10 Allen & Heath ME-1 personal mixers
  • Dynacord Cobra Line Arrays (stacked on stage)
  • 6 EV TX1152FM passive floor monitors
  • 4 Shure PSM300 wireless in-ear personal monitors (Stereo)
  • 4 Sennheiser EW IEM G4 wireless in-ear personal monitors (Mono)
  • Telex and RTS Intercom stations
  • Shure wireless mics (handheld and lav), various other dynamic and condenser mics
  • DIs, stands, cables, etc



  • grandMA3 light
  • 2 ETC Sensor Classic dimming racks
  • Various ETC, Altman, L&E, Elation, and Chauvet fixtures
  • 4 Lycian 1290 XLT follow-spots
  • 2 Robert-Juliat Buxie 575W MSD follow-spots



  • Temp audio: 100 amp 3-phase, upstage center
  • Temp lighting: 400 amp 3-phase, stage right



  • 2 cast dressing rooms located off stage left, with restroom and shower facilities
  • 1 common make-up room connecting dressing rooms, with mirrors and lighted stations
  • 1 green room located off stage left hallway, with restroom
  • 1 parlor located off stage left hallway near box office


JPAC stage dimensions


Line Schedule – Jones Performing Arts Center


Line set schedule table

All linesets are single purchase.

*All Acoustical Shell Ceilings are non-removable. Small items may be able to be hung with these panels. Speed of movement is also greatly reduced. Please inquire.

Grand Drape and travellers are manual pull or can fly.

Jones Performing Arts Center • Ouachita Baptist University • Last Updated: March 2022

Usage Policies and Information – Jones Performing Arts Center

UPDATED: MAY 3, 2024

The Jones Performing Arts Center is proud to be a part of the Central Arkansas community. We are glad that you have chosen to present your event in this facility and are here to provide you a first class venue for the presentation of your event. In the Ouachita spirit, we are eagerly waiting to serve you and your guests. To do so successfully and efficiently, there are a few considerations we request of your group or organization when planning your event.

The JPAC Reservation Request is very important to you and to us. We ask that you take time to fill out this form in its entirety. By completing this form, we hope to assist you in pre-planning your event. Thinking through and itemizing your needs can ensure the success of your presentation or event. Please know that our staff, facilities, and equipment may change year to year. If your event happens to repeat every year, please continue to complete the form freshly, to make sure everyone is on the same page. We want everyone to be successful! As always in the performing arts, timing is everything. Therefore we ask that you complete and return this form, signed and completed, as soon as possible but no later than four weeks prior to your event. We realize that for many organizations this much pre-planning can be quite demanding. However, our request is due in part to the busy schedule of this facility and in part from our desire to help assure that your event is everything you want it to be. With so many events pending, pre-planning is crucial. Failure to complete and return this form on time could prevent your event from gaining our full support. We appreciate your full cooperation on this matter. We encourage you to carefully review all the following information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.



Because this facility is used extensively, and by many different types of groups, the following priorities have been established in order to fairly address the needs and desires of all users:

  1. Ouachita Baptist University presented and sponsored events
  2. Arkansas Baptist State Convention affiliated organizations
  3. Community of Clark County non-profit organizations
  4. Other non-profit organizations
  5. For-profit organizations

Keep in mind that this priority will be applied with common sense. If a higher ranked type of group attempts to book a date at the last minute, and that date was reserved much earlier by a lower ranking group, the higher ranking group should not assume that the lower ranking group will be bumped. Booking as early as possible is always desirable, and it will make it more likely that all groups will be able to have a suitable date. However, booking will not be open for the upcoming year until the University Calendar committee has set their dates for the upcoming year.

Organizations which are types two, three, four, and five, will generally be able to use the facility at a set low cost illustrated below. Should the event require unusual equipment, staffing, or time (as outlined herein), a charge for extraordinary services may apply. Should the staff feel that this is necessary, the organization will be contacted immediately so that a fee can be agreed to, the extraordinary needs reduced so that a charge is not necessary, or other mutually satisfactory arrangements made.

All non-University organizations will be charged a fee for use of the facility as follows:

  • The currently set day rate (up to 10 hrs.) will be charged, however, upon mutual agreement an hourly charge may be arranged if usage is minimal. Please submit a Quote Request to receive accurate pricing.
  • The rates apply to all time that the facility is in use, including performance, rehearsal, load in, load out, setup, etc. In other words, anytime the venue is accessible to the client and the clients event belongings are set within the space.

For all organizations:

  • If admission is charged, and we provide box office services – a percentage of gross ticket sales, in addition to the above, is charged.
  • If admission is charged, and we do NOT provide box office services – no extra percentage is charged.

These fees will cover normal equipment and staffing as detailed in the Usage Policies below, as well as normal custodial services, utilities, etc. If additional services are required, additional costs may apply.

The Center reserves the right to deny booking to any organization that is an inappropriate organization or proposes an inappropriate program in keeping with the University’s educational mission and purpose. Such consideration will be carried out in accordance with the ‘Limited Open Forum’ procedure of Federal Law.



I. Personnel

At least one qualified Center staff member will be provided to facilitate the User’s event. This staff member will act as the Center’s representative regarding Usage policies. When using the Jones Performing Arts Center, we ask that you recognize the competency of our staff. Any disagreements or complaints regarding you or your organization’s treatment while using this facility should be referred to our production manager for resolution.

II. Technical Work

Construction (except for the installation or removal of stage scenery) is not allowed. No facility wall or ceiling surface may have any item attached to it with glue, tape, screws, nails, tacks or staples. The stage deck (floor) may be nailed or lag bolted into for the installation of scenery, with permission of the Technical Director.

Duct tape is not allowed. No scene painting is allowed on the stage except touch-up work with a drop cloth in place.

Glitter is NOT allowed in any portion of the building at any time.

Following your performance, the building must be immediately and totally cleared of all your property, including costumes, feathers, scenery, set pieces, trash not placed in appropriate containers, etc.

III. Technical Information Deadline
The following documents are due to the Center at least four weeks prior to the User’s event:

  1. Listing of User’s technicians, if any.
  2. Copies of set and lighting designs, if any.
  3. Listing of any special User requirements.

Failure to provide the Center with technical information on your production may result in extra cost and/or equipment being unavailable. The Center’s equipment inventory is limited and scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

IV. Technical/Production/Equipment Inventory

An equipment list is available upon request for the User’s directors and designers. No stage equipment of any kind shall be used or changed without the approval of the Technical Director or their designee.

V. Smoking
Smoking is not permitted in the building or anywhere on Ouachita’s campus. VI. Dressing Rooms

The Center charges additional fees for the Dressing Rooms and Makeup room. Dressing Rooms, Green Room, Parlor, Lobby, Backstage and Stage areas must be kept clean, orderly and quiet. Please respect any residential theatre costumes, makeup, and accessories housed in these spaces.

VII. Dressing Room Supplies

The Center will provide restroom paper goods in all dressing rooms. User provides additional supplies such as those required for application and removal of makeup.

VIII. Food and Drink

No food and drink is allowed in any seating area or the stage area at any time with the exception of bottled water backstage. It is the responsibility of the User to assure that all participants and all others associated with the event abide by this requirement at all times.

IX. Acoustical Shell

The Center has a full acoustical shell which can be configured in a variety of ways. Please bear in mind that a minimum of one hour is required to set up or strike the shell. Events that are booked tightly together may be required to wait for the shell to be assembled or struck. There will be an additional hourly labor charge for the shell, if assembled or struck outside of the 10 hour rental day.

X. Pianos

Users may reserve our grand piano for an additional fee. The Center attempts to keep pianos in tune. If the user feels that the instrument needs tuning it will be the User’s responsibility, upon selection of an approved tuner by the University’s Division of Music faculty.

*This is a condensed version of our policies. A full copy will be provided in a Building Use Agreement after submission of a Reservation Request and your event day is confirmed.

Ouachita Baptist University School of Performing Arts Photography Policy

UPDATED: OCT. 29, 2020

This policy applies to Performing Arts performances* on campus including those in Jones Performing Arts Center, Francis W. McBeth Recital Hall, and Verser Theatre.

  1. All sounds on the camera must be used in live view mode and/or silenced, including all shutter and focus confirmation sounds.
  2. No flash used during performances.
  3. Photographers must stay within the back half of the hall during performances.
  4. Packing and unpacking of equipment should be done outside the performance space.
  5. Enter and leave as quietly and inconspicuously as possible—preferably during applause.

*This policy is not in force for tech rehearsals or performances when the photographer is invited in advance by the event director for the purpose of making photos for publicity or archival purposes.

General Guidelines - Jones Performing Arts Center

UPDATED: MAY 3, 2024

JPAC would like to make all User’s experience in the facility as excellent as possible. The following policies are for everyone's safety and efficiency.



The current day rate, up to 10 hours, will be charged for all events, unless other mutual arrangements are made for events requiring minimal time.

Since the technical crew is made up of students with restricted hours, any time over the designated amount will be paid by the visiting organization at current minimum wage. Organizations will be charged an hourly overtime fee for any additional hours.

Other arrangements should be made for small group discussions, free time, and activities other than main events, morning and evening worship services, or special concerts.

For non-Ouachita sponsored events, there will be an additional fee of 10% of the gross ticket sales paid to the house.

Please submit a Quote Request (link Quote page please!) to see if you should expect additional charges for advanced technical needs and support area access.



JPAC is not a union house. The JPAC crew is based on Federal and OBU work study arrangements and composed of current university students. All technical personnel are trained in the JPAC facility and equipment before they begin work by the Technical Director. Only qualified JPAC personnel are allowed to operate much of JPAC’s equipment. JPAC reserves the right to use JPAC crew as department heads and key technical positions where safety or expertise are needed.

During the summer, the building operates with limited personnel. Be prepared to provide your own workers for labor and other non-technical positions.



No food or drink allowed on stage, in seating areas or the lobby. Bottled water is allowed backstage. JPAC requests these areas be kept clean, orderly, and quiet.



Construction (except for installation or strike of scenery) is prohibited.

No wall, ceiling, seat, or carpeted surfaces may have any item attached to it with glue, tape, screws, nails, tacks, or staples in the auditorium or lobby.

Duct tape and glitter are NOT allowed.

Scene painting is not allowed in the facility, except touch-up work (with a drop cloth in place).

Only 3 spare fly lines are available for rigging in the summer. All rigging will be performed by the JPAC crew.

There is a 95dB-A sound level maximum for all events.



Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or near the Jones Performing Arts Center or any area on campus.


*More information will be provided in a Building Use Agreement that will be sent to you after your reservation form is submitted and the day of your event approved. Please know that if the agreement is not signed and returned, then your event day will not be held.


Have a question about JPAC? Want more information? Shoot us a message!


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