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Teacher Education Program

In our OBU Teacher Education Program our vision is...

To equip and empower our candidates to be teachers like the Master.

Our Mission is...

To provide the curriculum and environment that will prepare future teachers who

  • Are student-centered and see teaching as ministry;
  • Possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effectively educating all students;
  • Are life-long learners involved in their disciplines and professional development.

At OBU this happens in the context of a Christ-centered community.

Accreditation: The Huckabee School of Education is accredited by the state of Arkansas and NCATE – The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. OBU is CAEP (Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation) accredited.

Certification: Candidates completing the approved programs in education are eligible for teacher licensure in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas has reciprocity with other states. Some states do require additional tests or requirements unique to that state.

Approved Science of Reading Pathways: OBU has met DESE requirements for the Science of Reading instruction in our programs of study. The approved credential pathways are: Proficiency Credential and Awareness Credential.

Other candidates who transfer into the program or plan to pursue an endorsement to an existing degree will be required to provide proof of an Awareness/Proficiency Credential or take the prescribed course(s) to meet the appropriate pathway requirements.

Grade Point Requirements: Admission to the Teacher Education Program requires a minimum Grade Point average of 2.7 overall. A GPA of 2.7 must be maintained in one of the following areas with a minimum of 2.5 in the other: Teaching Field (licensure area) and Professional Education requirements.

Program Completers for 2011-2015 had an average overall GPA of 3.532 on a 4.0 scale. All program completers have successfully passed all state required exams with a 100% pass rate in the last two years.  Exact figures are not available but most of these candidates accepted employment within six months while  some education graduates choose to attend graduate school. Seven chose to teach in international settings.

Four-Year  Experience: Education majors can finish their programs in four academic years. The Teacher Education Handbook is available electronically and contains sample four-year programs for each licensure area.

The EDFN 1002 Introduction to Education course provides information concerning the teaching profession and the OBU Teacher Education Program. The course is also designed as a forum for building relationships with other education majors and education faculty.

Facilities: The Huckabee School of Education is located on the third floor of McClellan Hall. Classrooms are equiped with either SmartBoard or Promethean technology tools to prepare candidates for classrooms in the schools in which they will teach. The Wetherington Teaching-Learning Center houses a computer lab with 20 student computers. In the Center are Ellison dies and other materials available for creating presentation and teaching materials.

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