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Honors Program

Founded in 1964, the Carl Goodson Honors Program was established for motivated, high-achieving students to further pursue academic excellence and conduct undergraduate research – offering outstanding students a community of scholars to encourage them in their studies and career goals.

The Carl Goodson Honors Program allows students to explore subjects beyond Ouachita’s regular curriculum as well as hands-on, interdisciplinary seminars and colloquia. Honors Program students have opportunities to lead and mentor their peers as student ambassadors and undertake directed studies on campus and abroad.

Ouachita’s Honors students enjoy the traditions of the Carl Goodson Honors Program while embracing all aspects of university life, participating in sports and social clubs and developing lifelong friendships with students from across campus.

The Carl Goodson Honors Program is a member institution of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

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Students Involved in Honors Program in 2022-23



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Academic Opportunities



As an Honors student, you will benefit from hands-on, high-impact learning experiences, dedicated faculty and many opportunities to apply yourself.

These are a few of the opportunities that can be part of the Honors Program experience:

  • Benefit from priority class registration
  • Apply for independent research grants and travel opportunities
  • Undertake a directed study with a professor of your choice
  • Join the ambassador and alumni mentoring program
  • Publish and present your academic work
  • Serve on Alpha Tau Honors Society committee
  • Attend the National Collegiate Honors Council meeting
  • Receive golden stoles and recognition at Commencement
  • Credential for future transcript


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Scholars Day

Scholars Day 2024 is Wednesday, April 24

Scholars Day is sponsored by the Honors Program and open to all Ouachita students.
Register below by filling out the online form.
If you have questions, please email Dr. Barbara Pemberton.

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Program of Events

"The Honors Program helps prepare students to strive for excellence outside of Ouachita’s campus by giving them the opportunity to explore more of the world through research. In addition, it provides a community of peers who are able to spur one another on academically."

Brooke Sanderford headshotBrooke Sanderford
2020 communication sciences/disorders & Spanish graduate

Alpha Tau Honors Society

Alpha Tau facilitates community and provides leadership opportunities within the Carl Goodson Honors Program. Alpha Tau members stay connected throughout their four years in the Honors Program, interacting with other Honors students in seminars and presenting their research through a monthly colloquium. Honors students find a shared identity in Honors Program traditions and in coming together for university-wide activities such as Homecoming, Scholars Day and Tiger Serve Day.

Alpha Tau also organizes events and outings to help build relationships within the Honors Program. Distinguished Carl Goodson Honors Program alumni who have gone on to prestigious graduate programs and professional careers also are invited to events, challenging students to join in the legacy of Ouachita Honors graduates.

Admission Requirements

We're glad you've made the decision to take this important step in your education by applying at Ouachita and expressing your intent to join the Carl Goodson Honors Program!

Requirements for 2024-2025

  1. Students who submit an ACT score and meet the catalog requirements are invited to join (28 ACT composite and 3.5 high school GPA).
  2. Students who don’t have an ACT score and whose GPA is 3.8 or above may appeal for admission by writing a letter to program director Dr. Barbara Pemberton ([email protected]) stating why they want to be in the program and why they think they are capable of succeeding.
  3. As always, incoming freshmen who don’t qualify for immediate admission are invited to join if they earn a 3.5 GPA or higher during their first semester.


Have a question about the Honors Program? Want more information? Shoot our program director a message!

Dr. Barbara Pemberton
(870) 245-5541
[email protected]
If you are on campus, please drop by Dr. Pemberton's office located behind Berry Chapel. We are interested in your ideas, questions and plans. Ouachita's honors students have done research on all seven continents, and it is our hope that you will be a part of this exciting, curious academic adventure!

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