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Mission Statement and Goals

The Ben M. Elrod Center for Family and Community at Ouachita Baptist University is dedicated to serve humankind through the educational experience.

The center seeks to provide institutional leadership necessary to link the university's unique resources to meet the human needs of our region. The center is focused on initiating, encouraging, coordinating and facilitating public service, volunteerism, service learning, servant leadership and community engagement. When appropriate, these endeavors will be expanded to include the nation and the world.


  • Support and coordinate the university's public service initiatives
  • Equip students to become community leaders and active citizens through volunteerism
  • Cultivate a spirit of servant-leadership in students
  • Promote interdisciplinary studies that benefit the family and community
  • Act as a clearinghouse for the community to relate to the university
  • Promote non-credit courses that will benefit the community
  • Strengthen families through learning, discovery and engagement
  • Coordinate public school initiatives which provide tutoring and mentoring
  • Recognize and reward outstanding service efforts internally and externally

Next Steps