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The Mary Shambarger Competition for Singers honors Mrs. Mary Shambarger, Professor Emerita of music at Ouachita Baptist University.  Mrs. Shambarger served on the music faculty for 32 years.  At the time of her retirement in 1998, she was the Lena Goodwin Trimble Professor of Music.  While Mrs. Shambarger served as a voice instructor and classroom teacher, the bulk of her work at Ouachita was with the choral groups she directed.  She was instrumental in forming the Ouachita-Tones, and all girls ensemble.  In 1991, she chose to restructure the group and formed The Ouachita Sounds, a musical ensemble of six women and six men.  Mrs. Shambarger had the chance to work alongside her family while at Ouachita.  Her husband, Dr. Jake Shambarger, retired as professor emeritus of education in 1996, and her daughter, Susan Shambarger Goss, graduated from Ouachita.

More about the competition…

The competition is held the last Tuesday in February, in the beautiful W. Francis McBeth Recital Hall, located in the Mabee Fine Arts Center on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University.  OBU Voice Principals in their fourth semester of study or beyond, are eligible to participate.  The competition repertoire rotates annually to include Musical Theatre Selections (2016), Arias from Opera and Oratorio (2014),  and Art Songs (2015),   Adjudication is provided by Mary Shambarger, Professor Emerita of Music, and other distinguished voice professionals.  The winner of the competition receives a cash award of $500, the second place winner $300, third place is $200, fourth place $100, and Honorable Mention $50.

Above: 2014 Shambarger Competition slide show

Past Winners

2013 Music Theatre Competition

1st Place-Rachel Harris
2nd Place-Caitlin Secrest
3rd Place-Nicole Mattson
4th Place-Chad Burris
Honorable Mention-Hannah Garner

2012 Art Song Competition

1st Place-Caitlin Secrest
2nd Place-Grace Johnson
3rd Place-Meredith Martin
4th Place-Rachel Harris
Honorable Mention-Xavier Lagunas
Honorable Mention-John Tneoh

2011 Aria Competition

1st Place-Elisabeth Hipp
2nd Place-Jacob Watson
3rd Place-Maggie Taylor
4th Place-Xavier Lagunas
Honorable Mention-Andrew Miller

2010 Music Theatre Competition

1st Place-Elisabeth Hipp
2nd Place-Jacob Watson
3rd Place-Haley Broadaway
4th Place-Kyle Huey
Honorable Mention-Brooke Ault
Honorable Mention-Hannah Chapman
Honorable Mention-Krysteena Koiner
Honorable Mention-Andrew Miller

2009 Art Song Competition

1st Place-Elisabeth Hipp
2nd Place-Maggie Taylor
3rd Place-Kyle Huey
4th Place-Jacob Watson
Honorable Mention-Doug Brady
Honorable Mention-Samantha Parrish

2008 ”Tenth Anniversary” Aria Competition Winners

1st Place-Sean Wilson
2nd Place-April Roberts
3rd Place-Abby Adams
4th Place Tie-Christy Lord
4th Place Tie-Andrew Miller
Honorable Mention-Angela Bloodworth

2007 Music Theatre Competition Winners

1st Place-Stephen Ray
2nd Place-Kirt Thomas
3rd Place-Christopher Straw
4th Place-Jenna Morgan
Honorable Mention-Valerie Woodburn

2006 Art Song Competition

1st Place-Jenna Morgan
2nd Place-Stephen Ray
2nd Place-Valerie Woodburn
4th-Elizabeth Hall Hammon
Honorable Mention-Stephanie DeVoss

2005 Aria Competition

1st Place-Michelle Chapman
2nd Place-Jenna Morgan
3rd Place-Christie Richardson
4th Place-Elizabeth Hall
Honorable Mention-Drew Greenway

2004 Music Theatre Competition

1st Place-Jonathan White
2nd Place-Jessica Gartman
3rd Place-Heather Baker
4th Place-Michelle Chapman
Honorable Mention-Cliff House

2003 Art Song Competition

1st Place-Jessica Gartman
2nd Place-Christopher Riddle
3rd Place-Renée Henry
4th Place-Candice Looney
Honorable Mention-Gary Keene, Jr.

2002 Aria Competition

1st Place-Jenna Williams
2nd Place-Kara Floyd Shaw
3rd Place-Christopher Riddle
Honorable Mention-Adam Langley

2001 Musical Theatre Competition

1st Place-Jeremy Bishop
2nd Place-Joshua Shaw
3rd Place-Bryan Bailey
Honorable Mention-Kara Floyd Shaw

2000 Art Song Competition

1st Place-Jenna Williams
2nd Place-Jeremy Bishop
3rd Place-David Stanley
Honorable Mention-Beth Stubblefield

1999 Aria Competition

1st Place-Kristin Maddox
2nd Place-Ashley Mitchell
3rd Place-Joshua Payne
Honorable Mention-Kelsey Dime