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Theatre Arts

Requirements for a BA in Theatre Arts

THEA 1003, 1042, 2003, 2013, 2023, 3003, 4013, 4023, 4033, four hours of 1011, six additonal Junior/ Senior hours in Theatre Arts.  ENGL 4223, 4303, or THEA 4053.

Requirements for BA in Musical Theatre

THEA 1003, 1011 (2 hours), 2003, 2013, 2023, 3003, 3013, 4002, 4013, 4023, three additional junior/senior hours in Theatre Arts.  ENGL 4223, 4303, or THEA 4053.  MUAP 1051(2 hours), 2051 (2 hours), 3051(2 hours), 4051 (2 hours), MUTH 1002, 1012, 1022, 1032, MUAP 1271, 1371 MUHL 1312, 2112, 3173, MUEN 1000.5 each semester of enrollment, four semesters of MUAP 1070, THDA 1001, 1011, 1021, 2001, 2021, 2031, and 3002.  Admission to this program is by audition only.  Sophomores in the program must present a 15 minute satisfactory performance project (recital) for continuation in this degree track.  Students must also complete a 25 minute senior performance project (recital).  Majors in this program are required to participate in a Theatre production each semester.  Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre majors, receiving a music scholarship, must perform in one choral ensemble and participate in theatre productions during each semester of enrollment.

Requirements for BA in Theatre Arts and Speech Communication Education

COMM 1033, SPCH 1003, 2043, 3033, 3063, 3091, 4821; THEA 1003, 1011 (2 hours) 2003, 2013, 3003, 3091, 4013, 4023, 4103.  Students will also complete a second major in Secondary Education under the Huckabee School of Education.

Requirements for a minor in Theatre Arts

THEA 1003, 1011 (2 hours), 2003, 2013, 4013 or 4023, 6 additional hours of Theatre Arts including a minimum of three junior/senior hours.

Schedule of Courses

1003. Introduction to the Theatre
A course designed to introduce students to the foundations of theatre arts.  Emphasis is on the practical application and experience of the artistry and cultural significance of the theatre.

1011. Theatre Practicum
Performance and/or participation in the semester’s dramatic productions. Performance Practicum can be repeated for a total of four hours.

1042. Voice and Movement
A study of the production of standard American speech and Kinesics (body language) as it relates to character development.

1151. Musical Theatre Workshop
A practical application in the basic skills of acting, movement, singing, stagecraft, makeup, musical theatre directing and productions. Admittance by audition or personal interview with the director. also listed as MUEN 1151

2003. Acting Workshop
The study and application of basic acting and improvisational techniques.  Empahsis is on personal awareness and creative self-expression in character development. Prerequisite: THEA 1003 or consent of the instructor.

2013. Fundamentals of Stagecraft
An introduction to technical problems in the production of plays; scenery, lighting, sound, costuming and makeup.

2023. Fundamentals of Design
An introduction to the philosophical, critical and practical processes of design in theatre stenographic art. Prerequisite: THEA2013 or consent of the instructor

2073 Motion Picture Script Development
A course in which the student studies and applies the techniques of screenwriting and producing  in preparation for the production of a video motiion picture.  Also listed as COMM 2073.

3003. Play Directing
A course to acquaint the student, through study and practice, with the problems of producing plays. Prerequisite: THEA 1003

3013. Advanced Acting
Application of advanced acting techniques to plays from chosen genres of dramatic literature. The focus of this course is the practical application of acting theories and techniques utilized in the production of period plays. Prerequisite: THEA 2003

3033. Stage Lighting and Sound
A study of the factors governing lighting design and sound design as a means of artistic expression.  Prerequisite: THEA 2023

3053. Stage Makeup
A study of the purpose, principles and materials of stage makeup. There will be intensive laboratory practice in its application.

3063. Scene Design
A study of the elements of design and the application of general design principles. The course includes work on models, sketches renderings, and working drawings. Prerequisite: THEA 2033 or consent of the instructor.

3073. Costuming
A study of the elements of costume design and the graphics interpretation of characters from plays. A practical exploration of the basic construction of stage costumes.

3091 Teaching Theatre in the Secondary Schools
A study of the role of the high school theatre teacher with special emphasis on the curriculum for the secondary theatre class, play production, and forensics.

3101 Theatre Arts in Worship
A course designed to explore creativity as a venue for corporate and personal worship developing a fouindation for utilizing theatre arts in various church settings and outreach ministries.  Also listed as MUCH 3101

3143 Motion Picture Production
Participation in the production of a video motion picture.  Students contribute to the taping, acting, lighting, sound , make-up, scene preparation and production support for the project.  The course may be repeated once for credit.  Prerequisite:  COMM 2053.

3173. History and Literature of Musical Theatre
A history of musical theatre with an emphasis on stage and performance of representative literature. Required for all Musical Theatre Degree Candidatures.

4002. Auditioning
Studies in the development of a repertory and techniques for auditions in music, drama, and dance with emphasis on the Musical Theatre Audition.

4013. Theatre History 1
An historical survey of the theatre from the Greek to the French Neo-Classical period.

4023. Theatre History 2
An historical survey of the theatre from the eighteenth century to the present.

4033. Dramatic Theory and Play Development
A practical and theoretical course designed to encourage the development of new and original works for the stage through a workshop environment.  The emphasis is on the practical application of dramatic theory through analyzing existing works, writing new works, and producing final drafts in staged readings.

4053. American Drama
An appraisal of the theatre in American society by the study of representative playwrights.

4103 Creative Drama for Classroom Teachers
This course emphasizes the use of drama with and for children with special attention to oral interpretation.

4223 Shakespeare
This course examines the major plays of Shakespeare.  Also listed as ENGL 4223.

4303 Studies in Drama
This variable topic course presents the chief movements and greatest plays of literature.  Also listed as ENGL 4303.

4703-4793. Twentieth Century Theatre
Selected areas of twentieth century theatre, including dramatic criticism. The course may be taken twice for credit providing that the topics are different.

4801-4843. Special Studies in Theatre Arts
A course arranged to meet the needs of students concentrating in Theatre Arts. Independent study is possible in dramatic, theory, play-writing, production and the teaching of dramatics.

4851-4893. Special Studies in Technical Theatre
A course designed to meet the needs of students concentrating in technical theatre. Independent study is possible in stage movement, properties construction, design of lighting, costumes or sets.

Theatre Arts Dance Courses

The following courses are open to all students, although they are primarily intended for Musical Theatre Majors.
1001. Introduction to Ballet
1011. Introduction to Jazz 1
1021. Introduction to Jazz 2
2001. Introduction to Modern Dance 1
2011. Introduction to Modern Dance 2
2021. Introduction to Tap 1
2031. Introduction to Tap 2
3002. Musical Theatre Choreography.