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Stepping Up

Rachel Chapman – Junior – Rowlett, TX – Church Music

“In May I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Italy on a choir tour with Ouachita Singers. I can absolutely say that Ouachita is responsible for this awesome learning experience. Thank God that it is a university that greatly values its students receiving a well-rounded liberal arts education. And studying abroad will quickly offer students a cultured, deep learning experience that cannot be offered inside the classroom.

Next summer I hope to spend a month studying abroad in Costa Rica. I can hardly wait to see what kinds of cultured knowledge and memories I will gain from that trip. I’m so thankful that Ouachita is not a place completely oblivious to the rest of the world. It may be known as “the Bubble”, however the professors suggest something different, a deeper appreciation for culture, truly living and experiencing the world around us.”

Heather Baker – 2010 Graduate – Cleburne, TX – Musical Theater

“Ouachita introduced me to the Honor’s Program, which provided me with a generous scholarship to study acting at a conservatory in New York.  I know that is not international but it was the one place in the world I really wanted to go. Ouachita has sent many other students to places all over the world including Antarctica.”

Jessie Sanders – Senior – Booneville, AR – Music Education

“Ouachita Baptist University takes high priority in making the University part of a world community. It does this by earnestly seeking students from abroad and also sending students from here overseas. This is in part of fulfilling Christ’s mandate to go and make disciples of all nations. OBU not only seeks to advance education from a world perspective, but also seeks the spiritual priority of fulfilling the Great Commission.”

Kinsey Carpenter – Junior – Mason, TN – Music Education

“or me, Ouachita has significantly enlarged my view of the world.  As an OBU student, I come into contact with students from all over the world every day.  Our large community of international students has helped me learn about different cultures simply by becoming friends with people in my classes and who live in my dorm.  As a Ouachita Singer, I was given the incredible opportunity of traveling to Italy.  I learned so much about art, history, music, and culture.  I don’t think I ever would have seen, and certainly not sung in, these places if not for Ouachita.”