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Stepping Up

Erin Ellis – 2010 Graduate – Allen, TX – Secondary Education-English

“This picture sits on the desk in my office, and not a day goes by where I don’t look long and hard at it, and realize how blessed I am to have these girls in my life.  I knew few people at Ouachita when I moved in as a freshman, and that changed the first night in the dorms.

I was so fortunate to live in a dorm surrounded by these girls, and it stayed that way throughout our college experience.  A lot of people say it is hard to continue to live with the same group of people every year, but we made it happen.  We have been there for each other through tests, Tiger Tunes practices, boyfriends, breakups, engagements, and weddings, and the list doesn’t stop there.

We’ve all graduated now, but we know that’s no excuse not to continue to be there for each other.  I love these girls with all my heart and I am so thankful for their impact on my life and my time here at Ouachita.  I’m thankful for movie nights, dinner parties, afternoon group naps in dorm room tents, late night coffee, bathroom cleaning schedules, birthday parties, and endless conversations.

I will have these memories for the rest of my life, and no matter where we all end up; we’ll still continue to make lasting memories.  These girls are my Ouachita memories, and I can’t thank God enough for Francis Crawford West, room 164, across, next door, and down the hall from Molly, Lauren, Karlee, Hayley, Laura, and Audreyanna!”


Laura Grace Kirby – 2010 Graduate – Mesquite, TX – Speech Communication

“Some of my best memories at Ouachita came from the leadership positions I had the honor of holding. Through those I was blessed to connect with Ouachita’s faculty and staff and learn how the university is run. I can honestly say it is a wonderful place that is truly led with a servant-like attitude. I was also able to learn what my strengths are.

Ouachita gave me the opportunity not only to learn from books and lecture, but to learn about myself. I was able to use the gifts and talents God gave me to led on campus and do what I could to give back to my university. Those are the memories I can never forget and the ones I am most thankful for.”

Audrey Anna Harrell – 2010 Graduate – Russellville, AR –
Communication Sciences and Disorders

“I made some of the most fun, exciting, and incredible memories at Ouachita, and most of them were with my “P3” girls! A group of us lived together freshman year, and we were able to bond while playing flag football together. Beyond having fun, we were all able to open up and share our pasts, our struggles and the good things that were happening in our lives! We continued to build relationships with one another after we moved to Perrin 3rd floor even though we were diving into our respective majors.

Coming back to “P3″ each day gave us a place to vent, to unwind, and to share cool things that we were learning! These girls that I became best friends with were the ones who supported me when I changed majors and always encouraged me to do what God would have for me – I’ve come to see now that speech pathology is a way I can serve others, and I stuck with it because of the friends I had at Ouachita.

The memories I made were with young ladies who helped shape me during my four years at Ouachita. Having them was such a blessing, and I plan on continuing to share memories with them for the rest of my life – starting with having them as my bridesmaids this December!”

Molly Magee – 2010 Graduate – Conway, AR – Mass Communication and Spanish

“Ouachita is a place that fosters an incredible love of learning.  During my four years at OBU, I learned so much inside the classroom, preparing me to live a life where I continue to learn on a daily basis how to be a Christian woman making a difference in the world.

However, some of my most fond memories were made outside of the classroom, learning how to make relationships with friends and professors that would last a lifetime.  I learned how to make real friendships and to be intentional in those friendships, and we were all able to learn and grow together, making memories together that will last for the rest of our lives.

My relationships taught me how to live my life with direction, how to make a difference with intention, and how to learn continuously with a real passion.  I am forever thankful for the memories that I have with the people who will be lifelong friends.”

Hayley Nolan – 2010 Graduate – Sherwood, AR – Psychology and Spanish

“During my time at Ouachita, I made lifelong memories that are comprised of the lifelong friendships that were made. God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed a group of perfect strangers on the same hall in August 2006. Those perfect strangers are now my bridesmaids.

Through these girls I have been encouraged, loved, and challenged academically, spiritually, and physically. I have contact with each of them at least once a day. These girls are a huge part of the story of how I became the woman I am today.”