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Stepping Up

Catie Bennett – Sophomore – Nixa, MO – Early Childhood Education

“I believe Ouachita is living a legacy because Ouachita sets a very high standard for its students in academics, community and leadership.  Since 1886 Ouachita has encouraged its students to achieve excellence in these areas so they can become a difference maker in the world today.

To me, being a Ouachita legacy means that I have the privilege to experience and uphold the great legacy of academic excellence, an amazing campus life and great leadership training. Ouachita has influenced thousands of to be the best difference maker and leader I can for the rest of my life.”

Rebecca Atkinson – Sophomore – Arkadelphia, AR – Early Childhood Education

“Ouachita is a school of legacy and tradition and the fact that I can be a part of the these is very special to me.  Both my mom and my dad attended Ouachita and it is fun to be able to hear their stories from college and now I have stories similar to theirs.

I have heard my parents tell me about their social clubs, friendships, classes, and experiences throughout their college years.  It is very fun to be able to be a part of the same social club, be friends with their friends’ kids, take classes from some of the same the teachers, and have wonderful experiences of my own.

Ouachita’s legacy lives through the people that have attended.  I have seen my parents make many connections with people just because they knew someone that went to Ouachita.  There are people that have a connection to Ouachita throughout the entire world, which makes Ouachita have a strong legacy.”

Samantha Street – Sophomore – Rogers, AR – Accounting

“Like me, each and every Ouachita student is leaving a legacy. With each passing year, the traditions and the great memories continue to grow.

Being a part of this Ouachita legacy means a never-ending circle of gaining a great education, making amazing friends, and being part of a loving community. It’s a place where I am more than just a number. I am proud to be a part of the ongoing traditions at Ouachita Baptist University.

The memories that I make will definitely last me a lifetime and will forever be a part of the ongoing Ouachita legacy.”