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Stepping Up

Heather Baker – 2010 Graduate – Cleburne, TX – Musical Theater –

“Ouachita challenged my creativity by introducing me to professors who taught me how to think outside of the box. I learned that the process of finding the answer is much more important than just the end product. ”

Rachel Street – 2010 Graduate –

“Ouachita was a great school to challenge my creativity because if refused to accept only my best. I was challenged from all directions academically, socially, and theatrically. My teachers refused to let me settle for what I thought was good.

I came into Ouachita being okay with what I already had, but I was challenged to work to make it into something so much more, particularly with my acting. In my Acting III course I remember Scott Holsclaw sitting me down and telling me that I was strong in comedy, but if I didn’t work to improve my other weaker areas then I could never become the actress I wanted to be.

It challenged me to work harder, dig deeper, and pushed me out of my comfort zone to the point I was exhausted. But I was happy, because I was being challenged, and this reason alone made all the difference.”