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ROTC: Training

Special Badges Training

German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency: GAFBMP

  • GAFBMP is a permanent Foreign award that can be worn on the Class A Uniform throughout ones military career. It was made up of various events stretching over three days which included swimming, sprints, endurance runs, weight lifting, pistol shooting, track events, and ruck marching.  It was a trying event where everyone gave great effort to earn their badge. HOOAH!


Ranger Challenges

2007 Ranger Challenge Competition

  • It proved to be a close competition at Ranger Challenge. Even though we weren’t unable to pull out the first place victory, they performed extremely well and placed Third overall out of 9 teams. OBU\HSU took the first place streamer in weapons assembly\ dis-assembly and Hand Grenade Assault Course. 

2006 Ranger Challenge Competition

  • This is the first year since the early 90′s that OBU/HSU entered their own team into the Ranger Challenge Competition.  They finished first in the state and second overall.  The teams competed in Land Navigation, a STX written test, PT test, sand bag relay, one-rope bridge, and ruck march.

2005 Ranger Challenge Competition

  • This year’s competition was made up of cadets from all over the battalion.  They had a good time while working as a team, learning essantial warrior tasks, and taking notes for the next year’s competition.



Spring 2007 MSI-II’s FTX

  • While the MSIII-IV’s went to Ft. Leonard Wood for the BDE FTX the MSI-II’s had a weekend full of team building exercises, overcoming fears, and high ropes courses.  Everyone enjoyed themselves while learning to trust each other and themselves.

Spring 2007 Battalion FTX: Lake DeGray

  • The letters FTX really stood their ground during this training as the battalion received classes in setting up a patrol base, practiced, and performed it all while in the dark and in the hills of Lake DeGray State Park.  Night land navigation was next on the list followed by a few hours of day land nav.  All in all, it was good training through the night which provided the right conditions of making decisions while physically exhausted.  Way To Go!

Hampton FTX

  • At Hampton we were able to join with National Guard scout platoon to perform realistic platoon sized mission training.  Working with the locals, we put up road check-points, performed recons, raids, and urban assaults.  Both the locals and ROTC/ARNG sides were able to use paintball systems which made training even more realistic.  Everyone did a great job and learned invaluable lessons.

Fall 2006 FTX: Camp Robinson

  • This FTX contained LRC (Leadership Reaction Course) obstacles which challenged leaders to receive a mission, brainstorm, execute, and readjust to compete it under a time restraint.  Later, the cadets executed STX (Squad Training Exercises) with live fire paintball equipment.  STX training prepares all levels of cadets to understand the process of receiving an OPORD, delivering the needed info. and running the mission.