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Nineteen psychology students presented their research to the OBU community on Scholars Day 2008. Fifteen of these students presented the results of the independent projects that they designed and carried out as part of OBU Psychology’s two-semester sequence of Research Methods courses. In addition, four upper-level psychology students shared results of Honors theses or other independent research projects they designed and carried out. Below are images of psychology students in action at Scholars Day.

Lauren Ainsworth describes her research about “The Effects of Gender and Sex Roles on Perceived Crying” to Miki Arkhipova. At the same poster session, Miki was presenting the results of her study of the “Effects of Divorce and Parent Child Relationship on Adolescents’ Adjustment and Emotional Well Being.”

Tracey Beckett explains the “Effects of Religion on Gender Identification” to Joe Jeffers, Dean of OBU’s Patterson School of Natural Sciences, while Courtney Gibson relaxes in front of her poster, which outlines her study of “Individual Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance Levels After Priming for a Desired Mental State.”

Tara Cruse elaborates on the results of her study of “The Effects of Birth Order and Situations on State Anxiety.”

Carrissa French responds to a question about her study of how the type of relationship you have with another person alters the importance you place on specific personal characteristics she or he possesses.

Lauren Landes highlights the most important findings of her study investigating “The Effect of Positive and Negative Words on Self-Esteem Among College Students.”

Hannah Murdock prepares to present her Honors thesis, which examined the extent to which strangers can use Facebook profiles to make accurate judgments about people’s personalities.

Sara Terlecki and Kelsey Quitugua are ready to explain how they validated the codependent relationships scale that they developed and evaluated during this academic year.