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1004, 1014. Introductory Physics I, II.

Introductory non-calculus courses in the fundamental principles of physics. Lecture three hours, laboratory two hours per week. Corequisite or prerequisite: MATH 1003, 1013, or equivalent. Fall, Spring.


1112. Engineering Graphics.

Instruction in the proper use of drafting instruments, lettering, design, layout and projection. Fall.


1121. Introduction to Physics and Engineering.

An introduction to the fields of Physics and Engineering designed to introduce students to the wide variety of career paths available and the skills necessary to work in a particular field. Discussion on practical topics such as engineering failures and ethics will also be included. Course is offered on a Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory basis. Fall.


1203. Astronomy.

The astronomical universe from the descriptive viewpoint. Some night observations will be included. Spring of odd-numbered years.


2004, 2014. University Physics I, II.

Introductory courses in physics using calculus, designed for the physical science and engineering majors. Lecture three hours, laboratory three hours per week.  Prerequisite: MATH 2014, Corequisite MATH 2024.  Fall, Spring.


2101-2104. Special Topics in Physics.

A course varied to meet the needs of the department. On Demand.


2123. Statics.

A study of forces in equilibrium, especially stresses in loaded structures. Analytical methods are emphasized.  Prerequisite: PHYS 2014. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MATH 2024. [CAC-O]  Fall.


2133. Dynamics.

A study of the kinetics and kinematics of a particle and of rigid bodies. Prerequisite: PHYS 2123.  Spring of even-numbered years.


3004. Introduction to Modern Physics.

An elementary development of the principles of modern physics. Lecture three hours, laboratory four hours per week. Prerequisite: PHYS 1014 or 2014. Corequisite: MATH 2024. [CAC-O and CAC-W] Fall.


3034. Electricity and Magnetism.

A study of the principles of electricity and magnetism including fields, potential, capacitance, resistance, and inductance. Lecture three hours, laboratory three hours per week. Prerequisites:  PHYS 1014 or 2014; MATH 3034. Spring of even-numbered years.


3044. Electronics.

An introduction to the fundamentals of electronics. Lecture three hours, laboratory four hours per week. Prerequisite: PHYS 1014 or 2014. Spring.


3123. Electrical Circuits.

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of electrical circuits, including DC circuits, AC circuit analysis, network theorems, transient analysis, complex frequency and resonance phenomena and computer solutions to circuits. Prerequisite: PHYS 1014 or 2014. Fall.


3133. Wave Theory.

The study of wave properties with applications in acoustics and optics. Prerequisite: PHYS 1014 or PHYS 2014. On Demand.


3203. Strength of Materials.

Stress and deformation of members in tension, compression, torsion and bending, and the design of these members, columns, statically indeterminate beams and simple connections. Prerequisite:  PHYS 2123.  On Demand.


4003. Mechanics.

A study of the fundamentals of mechanics as applied to particles, systems of particles and rigid bodies including harmonic, oscillators and central force fields. Prerequisites: PHYS 1004 or 2004;  MATH 2024. Fall.


4023. Thermodynamics.

A study of the basic principles of classical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Prerequisites:  PHYS 1014 or 2014; MATH 3034. Spring of odd-numbered years.


4041. Senior Laboratory.

Experiments in thermometry, solid state, atomic and molecular physics. Open only to Senior Physics students. On Demand.


4043. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

An introduction to the postulates and rules of quantum mechanics. Prerequisite: PHYS 4003;  MATH 3043. Spring.


4053. Mathematical Physics.

Mathematical methods applied to physics. Prerequisites: PHYS 1014 or 2014; MATH 3034. Spring of odd-numbered years.


4061. Introduction to Physics Research.

To introduce the student to the theory, techniques and methods of laboratory and library research.  Open only to Senior Physics students. Fall, Spring.


4103. Advanced Modern Physics.

A continuation of PHYS 3004; an intermediate course in atomic, nuclear and solid-state physics.  Prerequisite: PHYS 3004. On Demand.


4183. Electromagnetic Fields.

Vector analysis applied to electromagnetic fields; dielectric and magnetic materials; Maxwell’s equations; radiation. Prerequisite: PHYS 3034; MATH 3043. Spring of odd-numbered years.


4263. Advanced Mechanics.

A continuation of PHYS 4003; rigid bodies, moving coordinate systems, continuous media, Lagrange’s equations. Prerequisite: PHYS 4003; MATH 3034, 3043. On Demand.


4801-4893. Individual Study, Group Study, Research.

This course is offered to provide competent students with an opportunity to do independent study and research or to study special topics. On Demand.