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Students wishing to undertake a program of pre-engineering other than the Arts-Engineering programs should complete as many of the following courses as possible before transferring:

MATH 1034, 2014, 2024, 3034, 3043
PHYS 1112, 2004, 2014, 2123, 2133, 3123
CHEM 1004, 1014
CORE 1043, 1053 (Composition 1 and 2)
CSCI 1044

The Mathematics courses are especially important, since MATH 3034 is prerequisite to many junior-level courses in engineering.


Cooperating with the University of Arkansas, Vanderbilt University, Louisiana Tech University, and the University of Southern California, Ouachita Baptist University offers several combination programs.
The joint program with the University of Arkansas involves a three-year program of study at Ouachita. Following one year at the University of Arkansas College of Engineering, the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree, if all requirements are met, will be conferred by Ouachita Baptist University. At the end of the fifth year, the student will receive from the University of Arkansas the Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  In order to receive a degree under this program, a student must complete each of the courses listed below. At least sixty-six semester hours, including at least twenty at the junior-senior level, must be completed at Ouachita. In those cases in which the Bachelors degree is conferred before the engineering degree, the student must have completed a total of 128 semester hours with a grade point average of 2.000 in all courses in which grade points are given. Both OBU and overall GPAs must be 2.000.

Arrangements for students who will go to other engineering schools are possible. Such students should
confer with a pre-engineering advisor.

Physics Core at Ouachita (24 hours)
PHYS 1112 Engineering Graphics
PHYS 2101 Intro to Physics & Engineering
PHYS 2004 University Physics 1
PHYS 2014 University Physics 2
PHYS 2123 Statics
PHYS 2133 Dynamics
PHYS 3004 Modern Physics
PHYS 3123 Electrical Circuits
Must take the following or have transfer equivalent:
PHYS 3034 Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS 4003 Mechanics
Out of Department Requirements (33 hours)
ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
SPCM 1003 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
CHEM 1004 General Chemistry 1
CHEM 1014 General Chemistry 2
MATH 2014 Calculus 1
MATH 2024 Calculus 2
MATH 3034 Calculus 3
MATH 3043 Differential Equations
CSCI 1044 Computer Programming 1
Ouachita CORE Requirements (48 hours)
CORE 1012 Intro to the Liberal Arts
CORE 1022 Concepts of Wellness
CORE 1023 The Contemporary World
CORE 1043 Composition 1
CORE 1053 Composition 2
CORE 1113 Survey of the Bible
CORE 1123 Interpreting the Bible
CORE 2113 American Civilization
CORE 2213 Western Civilization
Summary of Minimum Requirements*
128 hours: Total to graduate
42 hours: Junior-senior level
Physics           24 hours (7 jr-sr)
Out of Dept     33 hours (7 jr-sr)
Transferred     21 hours (21 jr-sr)
CORE              48 hours (7 jr-sr)
Elective           6 hours (0 jr-sr)
CORE 2324 Life Science
Letters Menu: Choose one of following two
CORE 2123 American Letters
CORE 2223 Western Letters
Sophomore menu: Choose one of following three
CORE 2413 Intellectual Traditions
CORE 2433 Personal Finance
CORE 2443 Social Science Survey
Fine Arts Menu: Choose two of following three
CORE 3113 Art
*B. A. Degree
For B. S. Degree
37 hours of physics equivalents
(Contact Physics Dept Chair)
CORE 3123 Music
CORE 3133 Theatre
CORE 4001 Natural Sciences Senior Seminar
Two Semesters of One Foreign Language (6 hours)

B.S. Degree in Physics (Engineering Option)

Students who plan to earn a graduate degree in engineering may choose to earn a B.S. degree in physics at Ouachita following the engineering option. Students accepted to graduate programs in engineering complete a two-year program at the engineering graduate school. The first year is composed of undergraduate engineering courses; the second is composed of graduate engineering courses. A Masters degree in Engineering is awarded upon completion of these courses. Ouachita students have used this pattern to earn masters degrees from Texas A&M University and The University of Texas. Note: The University of Arkansas requires an undergradute engineering degree from an accredited engineering school for entry into its graduate program, so this option is not viable there.