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We have one of the finest liberal arts science divisions in the region.  Five of our graduates have received Fulbright awards for study in Germany.  Another graduate received a Rotary fellowship for study in Russia.  Others have been accepted for graduate studies at Rice, Baylor, Duke, Purdue, North Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Michigan State, Carnegie-Mellon, Texas, Texas A & M, California, and many more.  Most of our students who have applied to medical school have been accepted (80%).  In addition to The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where most Arkansas residents attend medical school, our students have been accepted at medical schools in Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Carolina, Iowa, New Mexico, New Jersey, and California.  Our students have been accepted to dental programs in Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kentucky.  Our students have been accepted to veterinary medical programs at Louisiana State, Auburn, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Illinois, Western (California), and Tuskegee (Alabama).

The two most important reasons for the success of our program are 1) faculty who have devoted their lives to the quality education available at a small liberal arts college and 2) good students who are willing to study hard to achieve goals they have set for themselves.  The advantage of the small class size here at Ouachita is the individual attention that is available to students.  Much of the learning is associated with informal sessions around the science building and in the homes of faculty members.

Students may work with professors on research projects, during the academic year for credit or during the summer for pay. We also offer many individualized special topics courses such as environmental studies. Students may work with a professor on any topic of mutual interest. Through enrichment grants our students have participated in group-study at Oak Ridge National Labs, The National Center for Toxicological Research, and the Saint Louis Art Museum. We also take student groups on tropical ecology study trips to Hawaii and Belize.

Come to campus.  Talk with our students.  Give us a critical view.  You won’t be disappointed.  If I can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact me at knightt@obu.edu.

Thank you.

Tim Knight