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  • Also, check for a bio-bibliography on a specific composer. These are mostly found with the call number REF 016.78092 or REF 016.780924 or in the Music Library with the call number MUS LIB REF ML134.
  • We also have a few thematic catalogs for some the more well-known composers (Bach, Mozart, Haydn, etc.). These provide a wealth of information but are not in English.
  • There are a few other reference works on specific composers. A good example is The Mozart Compendium: A Guide to Mozart’s Life and Music, H.C. Robbins Landon, ed. (REF 780.92 M939).


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American Music Teacher. v.1-28 bound; v.29- in microfiche; current on display
recent issues are indexed in ProQuest and in OCLC FirstSearch ArticleFirst

Clavier. v.1- mostly bound volumes, a few in microfilm; current on display
recent issues are indexed in OCLC FirstSearch ArticleFirst

Keyboard Companion. v.1- bound; current on display

Piano Guild Notes. current issues only (on display)
recent issues are indexed in OCLC FirstSearch ArticleFirst

Piano & Keyboard. v.41- in microfiche; current on display
recent issues are indexed in OCLC FirstSearch ArticleFirst
Piano Quarterly. v.17-33 bound; v.34-40 in microfiche


The Music Index. v.1- ; then quarterly issues

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (Répertoire International de littérature musicale). v.1-