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No matter what we do that involves other people, we must be able to communicate if we are to succeed.  Those who communicate the best, no matter what their goal, usually succeed the most.

Speech communication, whether speaking to one other person, in a small group, or to an audience of hundreds, is an art form involving creativity and imagination.  It is also a skill involving critical  thinking and theoretical application.

Speech communication focuses on two areas:  the presentational and the relational.  The presentational area involves designing, delivering, and critiquing speeches while the relational area involves learning how to communicate successfully with others in a one-on-one or small group setting.  We believe a solid grounding in both areas prepares students for successful careers and supports the ideal of a liberal education.

Job Opportunities

  • Ministry
  • Missions
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Public Relations
  • Sales
  • Non-profit organizations

As a speech major you will learn to

  • be confident in speaking in all types of communication settings,
  • be competent in communicating in various informal settings (such as one-on-one encounters, a small group meeting, and intercultural exchange, and so on)
  • be competent in the design, delivery, and evaluation of speeches.

What our graduates are saying

Michael Cox
Director of Residence Life
Hall Director, Flippen & Perrin Halls
Ouachita Baptist University

“The value of a liberal arts education isn’t what education can do for you, but what education does to you.  What I learned in the Department of Speech Communication at Ouachita has changed the way I interact with people every single day.  The concepts I learned have provided a foundation for high-quality relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.  It has also improved my leadership ability in jobs and ministry.”

Mrs. Cassidy (Allen) Jones
Sole-Proprietor & Manager
Luxe Designer Boutique
Cornerstone Shopping Center
Hot Springs, AR

“My Speech Communication degree from Ouachita helps me on a daily basis in dealing with vendors, developing relationships with clients, and creating repeat business.  There is a vast amount, as well as a wide-variety, of communication skills involved in the process of seeing the ‘new trends in style’ in magazines or on celebrities, and then efficiently purchasing those items at Market, incorporating them into my store, and marketing them in a way which appeals to my specific customer demographic.  Furthermore, the Department of Speech Communication at Ouachita truly helped shape me as an individual–and I will always be grateful.”