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1000.5. Practicum
Students working on the staff of the Signal or Ouachitonian may receive credit for meritorious work. Such credit will be given in one-half hour credits up to a total of two hours. The practicum includes such work as news and feature story writing, photography, layout and editing. Fall, Spring.

1003. Fundamentals of Public Speaking
An introduction to preparing, organizing, and delivering a speech to an audience. Also listed as SPCM 1003. Fall, Spring.

1033. Introduction to Mass Communications
Readings and discussion concerning the effects of mass media on society with emphasis also placed on career opportunities within the mass communications profession. Fall, Spring.

1043. Fundamentals of Media Writing
An intensive study of basic newswriting, grammar, spelling, sentence construction and vocabulary building.Prerequisite: CORE 1043 or consent of instructor. COMM 1033 recommended. [CAC-W] Fall, Spring.

2023. Publication Design
Using InDesign and other desktop publishing software, students produce layouts for newspapers, magazines and brochures that meet contemporary design standards. Topics include headline writing, photo editing, page design and graphic design. COMM 1043 is a recommended prerequisite. Fall, Spring.

2043. Small Group Communication
A study of the factors affecting the success or failure of small, problem-solving groups/work teams. Topics include the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups, the phases of group development, group roles, decision-making, and leadership in groups. The class will also provide practical experience in leading meetings, leading discussions, facilitating team building in groups, and making group presentations. Also listed as SPCM 2043. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Fall.

2053. Introduction to Video Production
Fundamentals of television production with emphasis on creative ideas, visualization, script preparation and editing of basic programs. Fall, Spring.

3000.5. Practicum II
Similar to COMM 1000.5. Must be taken twice by Communication majors after attaining Junior standing. Cannot be taken concurrently with COMM 1000.5. A limit of two hours will be observed. Fall, Spring.

3013. Feature Writing
Practice in selecting ideas, gathering materials, and writing and selling manuscripts to newspapers and magazines. Prerequisite: COMM 1043 or consent of instructor. [CAC-O] Fall,

3023. Introduction to Photography
The fundamentals of digital photography, lighting, composition and use of photographic equipment. Students photograph a variety of situations including sports, student life, still life, portraits and more.  $35 Fee.  Fall, Spring.

3053. Photojournalism
Course topics include: production of news, features and public relations photographs for publication with emphasis on creativity and visualization, exploration of news values, picture selection, editing and production of photographic layouts. $35 Fee. On Demand.

3063. Principles of Advertising
Course includes the history, purpose and role of advertising in society, the analysis of multimedia campaigns and the application of advertising campaigns in a real-world environment. Fall.

3073. Public Relations Principles and Problems
Studies of human relations problems relating to industry, commerce and social and political organizations with emphasis on methods that have proved most effective in building public understanding and good-will.  Spring.

3093. Broadcast Journalism
An introduction to writing and reporting news for radio and television. Fall.

3103. Opinion Writing
Research and analysis of critical local, state, national and international issues leading to the preparation of editorials and other articles for use in university and off-campus publications. On Demand.

3133. Advanced Video Production
Production and direction of video projects including news segments, film scenes, promotional videos and off-campus assignments, with emphasis on refinement of creative skills. Prerequisite: COMM 2053. Spring.

3143-3183. Motion Picture Production
Participation in the production of a video motion picture. Students contribute to the taping, acting, lighting, sound, make-up, scene preparation and production support of the project. The course may be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: COMM 2053. On Demand.

3153. Social History of Radio and Television
A critical analysis of the social impact of the radio and television industries upon society. The course will examine the development of both media and how they reflect and cause social change. Fall.

3163. Sports Journalism
The study and practice of print and broadcast journalism as it relates to the sports industry. Spring of even-numbered years.

3433. Christian Communications
An overview of the history, trends and career opportunities in the field of Christian communications
with an emphasis on public relations and journalism in the Christian setting.  Prerequisite:  COMM
1043.  Spring

3643. Motion Picture Script Development
An introduction to the rules and techniques of screenwriting for film. Also listed as THEA 2073. Spring

3802-4.  Internship
The student will gain hands-on experience in the field of mass communications.  Work may be through an advertising/publications agency, a media outlet, corporate communications, or church media.  The student is responsible for initiating the internship. The internship must be approved by the department chair, dean, and Academic Affairs Office prior to beginning the internship.  On Demand.

4023. Communication Law
A survey of media law, which will include issues related to press freedom, defamation, privacy, copyright, obscenity and recent court cases.  Fall, Spring.

4043. Advanced Reporting for the Mass Media
An emphasis on computer-assisted reporting in writing for print and broadcast media on issues of local, state, national, and international significance as a means of developing skills in interviewing, investigations, research, analysis, and in-depth writing. Prerequisite: COMM 1033, 1043. On Demand.

4053. Organizational Communication
A study of how communication functions in organizations of all kinds to allow members to successfully balance the demands of being goal-driven and people-driven. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Also listed as SPCM 4053. Spring of odd-numbered years.

4093. Broadcast Performance
Conceptualizing, writing and performing for audio and video media. The emphasis is on the unique characteristics and demands of the electronic media and offers practical experience in style and delivery.  Prerequisites: COMM 1043; SPCM 1003. Spring.

4103-4193. Advertising/Public Relations Campaigns
The development of a complete advertising and marketing program each spring, including research, target market surveys and creative presentations, for entry in the National Student Advertising Competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. Because the campaign case study is provided by the AAF and changes each year, the course may be repeated once for credit. Prerequisites: Junior standing and consent of instructor. Spring.

4303. Online Media
Students will design and create multimedia Web sites. The course introduces students to multimedia skills and how to incorporate those skills to Web-based journalism endeavor. Skills include still photography, photo editing, slideshows, podcasting, audio editing, audio slideshows, video shooting, video editing and Web site creation. The goal: to learn the fundamentals of telling stories online using text, graphics, audio, video and interactivity. Prerequisite: COMM 1043. Fall, Spring.

4553. Media Management
Introduces students to the management process of new and traditional media; the planning of budgets, content and distribution; leading a team of diverse personalities and agendas; and regulations impacting the communication sector. Topics during the course include: sources of income; publication/production costs; understanding the expense of each department within the organization; marketing and market-share growth; and understanding financial statements. On Demand.

4703-4793. Issues in Mass Communications
An in-depth study of the theory, principles, and literature of various issues in mass communications. Topics will vary each year, and may include Ethics in Mass Communications, Research Methods in Mass Communications, International Mass Communications, and History of Mass Communications. Because the topics will vary, the course may be repeated once for credit. [CAC-W] Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Fall.

4801-4893. Special Studies in Mass Communications
Special studies in Mass Communications based on needs and interests of individual students. On Demand.