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Modern Foreign Languages

The advantages gained by students through the study of a foreign language are numerous. At the academic level, studying a foreign language increases a student’s cognitive awareness and strengthens his/her critical thinking abilities. Professionally speaking, a student who is able to speak a foreign language at an intermediate to high level of proficiency will have a competitive edge in an increasingly global work force.

Learning a foreign language also allows students to learn more about other cultures and the unique perspectives they may hold. As students understand more about foreign cultures, they, too, begin to see the world through different eyes. Ironically, learning about a foreign culture not only broadens a student’s horizon in terms of world views, but it also allows a better understanding of the student’s own native culture.

Job Opportunities

  • Missions
  • Teaching
  • Business
  • International Business
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Tourism
  • Interpretive/Translation Services

A foreign language major will…

  • Prepare students to become future teachers of foreign languages
  • Prepare students to use foreign language as a tool in their graduate studies
  • Enhance students’ work in the mission field
  • Supplement other areas of international studies
  • Encourage students to learn about and understand other cultures