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OBU Environmental Stewardship

Construction and Renovation

All new construction and renovation projects will consider energy conservation and environmental impact in their designs. Energy saving ideas have already incorporated into building plans.

Green Building features

A number of green alternatives have been incorporated into the construction of the Residential Village. These features will reduce our utility costs and reduce our environmental impact over the life of the facilities. Some of the green features are:

Fluorescent lighting used throughout the facilities
Natural lighting in all public areas and living areas in each suite
Motion sensors in public areas to turn off lighting in vacant areas

Heating and Cooling:
Landscaping around building perimeters to reduce heat transfer
High efficiency boilers
High efficiency, tankless water heaters
Energy recovery ventilators
Variable speed pumps, fans and chillers (highly efficient when buildings are at less than capacity)
Plate heat exchanger (reduces the need to heat water for cold weather heating)
Low-E glass film to reduce heat transfer

Water saving shower heads