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School of Fine Arts

Ouachita Baptist University’s School of Fine Arts strives for a balance between a Christian liberal arts education and an applied or professional education through a challenging atmosphere of creativity and collaboration.  We are dedicated to facilitating critical thinking, the creative process, and personal expression by developing and maintaining curricular and performance programming which emphasizes the creative process.   The School of Fine Arts seeks to produce artists and scholars who are able to integrate their intellect and faith with their art, and their art with their worldview.

The school encourages the larger university community to appreciate all the Arts through various concerts, exhibits, productions, master classes, and lecture demonstrations.  By providing an enriching exposure to the challenges and possibilities of the Arts, the School of Fine Arts encourages other disciplines to explore the Arts as an integral part of the Christian liberal arts education.

Ouachita Baptist University’s School of Fine Arts consists of the Division of Applied Arts (the Department of Theatre Arts and the Department of Visual Arts) and the Division of Music (the Department of Applied Music, the Department of Church Music, the Department of Composition and Theory, The Department of History and Literature, and the Department of Music Education).


  • To provide a curriculum based on the current standards associated with the accrediting agencies; National Association of the Schools of Music (NASM),National Association of the Schools of Theatre (NAST), and National Association of Schools of Art/Design (NASDA).
  • To provide pedagogy consistent with the art’s disciplines.
  • To provide facilities that enhance the teaching, the application, and the performance quality expected of our students.
  • To provide Arts education for the larger university through concerts, performances, exhibits and the CORE curriculum.
  • To address the challenges and possibilities of music, theatre, and visual Arts in our world.