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Teacher Education Council

The OBU Teacher Education Council is a representative group of faculty from departments which prepare candidates to be professional educators who are licensed to teach.  The committee members are invited by the Dean of Education in collaboration with other deans and department chairs to serve on the Council.

The purpose of the Council is to set and regulate policies for the Teacher Education Unit with the guidance of the Director of Teacher Education.  The council must give final approval for admission to teacher education, admission to the Professional Semester for the Student Teaching Internship, exceptions to requests for completing the student teaching internship in a school not pre-approved, approving procedures for the Portfolio Interviews, and discussion of other educational issues as needed.  The Council members provide discipline specific feedback, create appropriate Specialty Professional Association (SPA) reports for accredtiation, serve on Portfolio Interview Teams for both admission to the professional semester and upon completion of student teaching internship experiences, and advise teacher education candidates.

The OBU Teacher Education Council 2013-2014

Mrs. Summer Bruch, Art Department
Dr. Scott Holsclaw, Drama/Speech
Mrs. Kathy Collins, Early Childhood/Middle School
Mrs. Rachel Pool, Middle School/Secondary
Dr. Doug Sonheim, English
Dr. Jeff Sykes, Math
Dr. Gary Gerber, Music – Vocal
Mrs. Becky Morrison, Music – Instrumental
Dr. Mike Reynolds, Physical Education
Dr. Kevin Cornelius, Science: Biology and Chemistry
Dr. Kevin Motl, History/Social Studies
Dr. Mark McGraw, Spanish

Dr. Merribeth Bruning, Director of Teacher Education