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Admission Fees

All students pay a $150 fee with application to the University. This fee is nonrefundable with $100 applied to tuition and $50 used as application costs.

Tuition for 2013-14 Academic Year
Tuition $10,930
Fees* 255
Room & Board** 3320
Per semester$14,505
Annual $29,010

* Fees consist of General Fee and Technology Fee. Other fees may apply for laboratory costs, private music lessons and other course-related charges. For a list of potential course fees or other charges, refer to the university catalog, pre-bill available on web portal account, or course schedule.
**Room and Board charges are based on standard room with double occupancy and unlimited use of the Ouachita Commons. Some funds are also provided for use in on-campus retail dining facilities. Wireless computer access, laundry facilities, cable and local phone services are also included as part of the room and board rate.
****OBU’s total federal cost of attendance budget is $32,580 for 2013-14 which includes an annual allowance for books, personal and transportation expenses. The annual book estimate is $1100; transportation $1000; and personal expenses of up to $1470.

Additional Fees for DPND Students: Additional fees incurred by the DPND student include lab coat expense of $25, membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics $50 per year for the junior and senior year. Professional Liability Insurance – student professional liability insurance required for DIET 4031 MNT I Practicum and DIET 4041 MNT II Practicum cost of $20.
Financial aid information may be found at http://www.obu.edu/finaid/