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The School of Interdisciplinary Studies offers the CORE curriculum  a group of courses designed to foster intellectual inquiry and breadth of knowledge consistent with Ouachita’s identity as a Christian liberal arts university. The curriculum reflects the institution’s understanding that the love of learning and rational inquiry into all the disciplines represents “an expression of faith, hope, and love addressed to God and embodied within a community of faith.” Within this context, the CORE curriculum seeks to prepare students to live responsibly, productively, and meaningfully in a global society.

To achieve these aims, the CORE curriculum encourages students to further their knowledge in a broad array of scholarly disciplines and to develop enhanced skills in critical thinking, effective communication, and quantitative reasoning.

To guide the use of such knowledge and skills, the CORE curriculum further seeks to promote in students a sense of civic responsibility, an appreciation for cultural diversity, and a commitment to personal integrity, physical well-being, and spiritual growth.