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The following courses are among those often taken by incoming freshmen.  These CORE classes are designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills that will help you in other areas of study.  For courses that are offered in a sequence, such as Composition I and II, you should plan to take the first one unless you have already earned credit for the equivalent course either at another college/university or through credit by examination (AP, CLEP, IB, etc.).

CORE 1012: Introduction to the Liberal Arts (2 credit hours)
All freshmen are expected to take this course within their first two semesters at Ouachita.  In this course students will explore the aims and relevance of a liberal arts education.  Classical and contemporary readings from a broad range of disciplines will prepare students for further study in the CORE curriculum and guide them to discover connections between knowledge and a sense of purpose.

CORE 1022: Concepts of Wellness (2 credit hours)
This course introduces students to personal fitness needs, encourages students to develop an exercise program and lifetime personal fitness goals, and requires students to demonstrate some basic fitness competencies.

CORE 1023: The Contemporary World (3 credit hours)
In this course students examine current events and their geographical, cultural, and political contexts.  Activities include ongoing reading of a major newspaper and working with maps.

CORE 1033: Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (3 credit hours)
Students will engage in a study of mathematical ideas and thinking, learning to solve problems and make decisions using sound quantitative reasoning.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Mathematics requirement within their first four college semesters.  (Note: Depending on your math skills and your intended major, you may be placed in an alternate math course.  Your advisor will have the information needed to determine which math course you need to take.)

CORE 1043: Composition I and CORE 1053: Composition II (3 credit hours each)
These writing courses are designed to help students understand and practice effective writing, including correct grammar and mechanics.  In Composition II students will also learn the expectations for formal academic writing, including research and correct documentation of sources.  Please note that Composition I must be completed before taking Composition II.  Both courses should be completed within your first four semesters.

CORE 1113: Survey of the Bible and CORE 1123: Interpreting the Bible (3 credit hours each)
The two Bible courses in the CORE provide students with a solid foundation in Biblical studies.  The first course surveys the redemptive story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, emphasizing how that story shapes the Christian’s worldview and affects life decisions.  The second focuses on developing the skills necessary for valid interpretation and application of the Bible.

Foreign Language: Students are encouraged to complete the two-semester foreign language requirement within the first year or two at Ouachita.  Languages offered include French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.  Students who have exceptional language skills may take the Foreign Language Exemption Exam, and if they score high enough, the foreign language requirement will be waived for them.

Additional CORE Classes to Consider

The following CORE classes are numbered at the sophomore level but are also open to freshmen.  If you have already completed or will receive credit for some of the required courses listed above, you may want to consider taking one of these courses.

CORE 2113: American Civilization (3 credit hours)
Students will examine North American culture from pre-Columbian times to the present, emphasizing the historical-cultural context of institutions and intellectual movements. This course also highlights the ideas, individuals, and events from which modern American culture emerged.

CORE 2213: Western Civilization (3 credit hours)
Students will survey the diversity of Western human experience in historical-cultural context, sketching as well the West’s entwining with global culture.

CORE 2123: American Letters OR CORE 2223: Western Letters
Students will choose one of these courses, each of which examines literature and its historical-cultural contexts.

CORE 2314: Physical Science (4 credit hours)
Students will survey key concepts in the physical sciences and how these concepts influence daily life. Includes laboratory.  Suggested prerequisite: CORE 1033 or higher mathematics.