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The CORE curriculum seeks to prepare students to live responsibly, productively, and meaningfully in a global society. To achieve these aims, the CORE curriculum encourages students to further their knowledge in a broad array of scholarly disciplines and to develop enhanced skills in critical thinking, effective communication, and quatitative reasoning.

Course Number Course Title Hours
1012 Introduction to the Liberal Arts 2
1022 Concepts of Wellness 2
1023 The Contemporary World 3
1033 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts 3
1043 Composition I 3
1053 Composition II 3
1113 Survey of the Bible 3
1123 Interpreting the Bible 3
2113 American Civilization 3
2213 Western Civilization 3
2314 Physical Science 4
2324 Life Science 4
Letters Menu: Choose one of the following two 3
2123 American Letters
2223 Western Letters
Sophomore Menu: Choose one of the following three 3
2413 Intellectual Traditions
2433 Personal Finance
2443 Social Science Survey
Fine Arts Menu: Choose two of the following three* 6
3113 Art
3123 Music
3133 Theatre

Entering freshmen must enroll in Introduction to the Liberal Arts within their first two semesters at Ouachita, and until they have successfully completed the course, they must continue to enroll in it each semester thereafter. This requirements is waived for transfer students who have been enrolled full-time for two semesters at another college or university. All students must complete Composition I and II (or approved course substitutions) within their first four semesters at Ouachita or must remain enrolled in the sequence thereafter until they have successfully completed both courses.

*Upon approval by the Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, participation in either the European Study Program or the Beijing Summer Study Program earns 3 hours of generic Fine Arts credit.