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Ouachita understands the importance of being a confident, competent communicator in today’s world.  Although we do not require a speech course in the CORE, we have developed a program to address this need by incorporating opportunities to practice oral communication skills within the major.  Through our Communication Across the Curriculum program, every major has designated a required course in which students give a speech or make a presentation.  The speech/presentation, which comprises a substantial portion of the grade in that course, allows the student to hone her or his speaking skills within the context of the student’s content area.  Resources for both students and instructors of these courses are provided to support the emphasis on gaining presentation and oral communication skills.  For students who desire further instruction in oral communication, the Rogers Department of Communication offers a course on Fundamentals of Public Speaking every semester.

Written communication is similarly addressed in the Communication Across the Curriculum program.  With each major designating a required writing-intensive course, students have the opportunity to apply general writing skills developed in the CORE composition classes to particular writing tasks that are most important for their major field of study.