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Goal #1

Students will understand chemical function in terms of structure, thermodynamics, and kinetics.


  • Predict products of chemical reactions.
  • Explain patterns of chemical reactions.
  • Explain and build models of chemical structures.

Goal #2

Students will master basic research skills.


  • Use library and internet resources to locate information on chemical topics.
  • Demonstrate mastery of common chemical laboratory techniques.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing chemical instrumentation and other appropriate technology.
  • Demonstrate ability to work in a cooperative environment.
  • Show understanding of safe laboratory practice.
  • Undertake a research project.

Goal #3

Students will be able to think critically and solve problems.


  • Apply chemical concepts to problem solving.
  • Plan laboratory syntheses.
  • Analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions from data.
  • Plan laboratory solutions to solve chemical problems.

Goal #4

Students will be able to communicate effectively via both written and oral expression.


  • Explain chemical concepts.
  • Write coherent laboratory reports.
  • Present results to an audience of professors and peers.
  • Defend experimental results and their interpretations through responses to oral questioning.

Goal #5

Students will understand the relationship between science and society.


  • Interpret key events in the history of science in light of society at the time.
  • Evaluate ethical cases in terms of moral decision making.
  • Evaluate current issues in science and technology as they relate to society.