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Defining the Difference Campaign

Campaign Allocations

Student Scholarships

Approximately 50% of our tuition charges are returned to students in the form of scholarships. Our goal is to have 25-30% of Ouachita scholarships funded through endowments to free up valuable resources for other needs.

Construction and Renovation

To fulfill our mission as a university, it is imperative that we develop and maintain first-class facilities to meet the academic and residential needs of Ouachita students. During their years on campus, students need facilities that enable them to grow physically and spiritually as well as intellectually.

Academic Advancement

Ouachita is committed to nurturing and supporting academic excellence.  One key is quality faculty equipped with the resources needed to drive student learning.

Global Connectivity
Our ability to respond innovatively to the challenges of global travel, knowledge access and knowledge delivery will determine how effectively we accomplish our mission over the next decade. We seek to continue Ouachita’s long tradition of being a gateway to the world.

Undergraduate Research

Each spring, Ouachita’s Scholars Day showcases students from a variety of disciplines presenting results of empirical inquiry and artistic expression.  Undergraduate research flourishes, and with it the excitement of

exploration and new knowledge.

University Operations

Students currently pay approximately two-thirds of our total operating costs through tuition, fees, room and board. As costs increase each year, it is essential that we increase giving for university operations to maintain affordable education costs for our students.