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“The best part about being a Biology major for me is that it is rewarding in the end after putting soooo many hours into studying and homework and tests, there comes a point when it all clicks and everything comes together!  It all pays off in the end when we become doctors, scientists, etc that get to help change the lives of SO many other people!! :)”  Lauren Bundy, ’15


“Majoring in Biology is one of the hardest things a student can do at Ouachita.  Coming in as a freshman I soon realized that it was not high school.  However, the professors in the biology department are committed to their students’ learning.  They push us to learn more than we think we can, and every class I take I realize just how much they’ve taught me.  Not only have they taught me the subject, but they’ve taught me to be confident in what I know. Graduate school is an intimidating thought, but I feel very prepared because of the Biology professors and their knowledge.  It is a tough program, but that is what gave Ouachita such a great reputation in biology.  I am lucky to be able to attend this school, and be taught by some of the best.”  Chelsea Morehead, ’14


“The dedication the faculty has to providing you with a first rate education while still caring about you as an individual is what stands out to me. I know that sounds like I read it right out of a recruiting pamphlet, but it is the one thing that the Biology department has continually shown me for my four years at Ouachita.”  David Pennington, ’13


“The absolute BEST part about being a Biology major is getting to truly understand the amazing spectacle of life around us with some of the most talented and intelligent minds available.”  Carly Oetker, ’14


“The best thing about being a Biology major at OBU is that your Biology professors will push you to learn and excel in new ways to maximize your education, all the while being more than willing to help you through your struggles when they arise.”  Katelyn Bell, ’13


“Being a Biology major at Ouachita is tough, but it is worth it in the end! The Biology professors do an amazing job at preparing their students for graduate/professional schools and future jobs. Despite all my late nights studying, I would not change my experience as a science major for the world!”  Elizabeth Blankenship, ’13


“The best part of being a Biology major at OBU are the professors who are exceedingly knowledgeable in their subject matter and who are also caring/concerned for each student’s academic pursuits.”  Andrew Davis, ’14


“Being a Biology major means you can sit across from your professors desk 1 on 1 and get help.”  JT Goodrum, ’14


“The Biology department at Ouachita can be described best as a gateway to your future and life itself.  I could’ve gone anywhere and gotten a thick textbook and a boring lecture.  I came to Ouachita and had gates leading to knowledge and understanding flung open.  From learning what causes autism to when a baby’s heart starts beating to what really makes the sky blue, the study of life at Ouachita has grown my passion and, frankly, made my heart beat just a little faster.  I know someday I’ll cross that second gateway into my future medical career, and be incredibly thankful for all the gates that the teachers and Biology department at Ouachita opened for me along the way.”  Barrett Burger, ‘14


“The best part of being a Biology major at OBU are the professors, they encourage you to do your best and push you to find your full potential. There is nowhere else that would do that and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.”   Cara Cox, ‘14